Sunday, January 18, 2009

Something will have to make sense one of these days.

"Something will have to make sense one of these days," Christopher said as he turned to walk down the hallway to second period calculus with Dr. Fleming. The sun and overhead fluorescent mixed to create an uneasy overall over lite environment. I remember being frustrated by not knowing what Christopher exactly meant. He could be referring to how the recent departure of our friend was not now but soon would "make sense" or he could be bitching about how ridiculous it is to be herded around hallways like Pavlov cattle reacting to a bell that says when your conversation was over and when you should be in another room down the hall that looks exactly like the last hall you had earth science in or typing with Ms. Wingate. I needed to be in gym, but honestly couldn't remember if today was to be dodgeball or run around the track until I got a side stitch. Something needs to change and something will make sense one of these days, but for now true to form Christopher made a blanket statement so most likely with the intention that later I couldn't call him out on said speculation. I just had to wait and play along until I could see all the cards on the table.

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