Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Relative #2

Around this time thirty years ago a boy woke up in his grandparents house in upstate new york. It was early. The sun just started to reveal the 14 inches of snow that fell over the night. The boy remember sneaking downstairs to the kitchen to where he knew the swiss miss hot chocolate with the marsh mellows was and started to heat a kettle of water on the stove. He waited by the pot to the first sign of the steam gaining just enough strength to set of the tea pots whistle. When the water was just the perfect temperature he grabbed the tea kettle a mug and three packets of swiss miss and sat at the kitchen table that faced a breakfast nook looking out of a bay window. Outside the new snow blanketed everything and bounced a soft light across the kitchen. The boy watched the marsh mellows slowly circle around the mug as the steam gentle rose into the air and for a moment the boy was at peace. For a moment the boy felt a quiet connection to his little world that made such an impression on him that he knew back then that morning would always be a memory he remembered.

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