Saturday, April 11, 2009

Christopher: The Devil and the Details.

They say the sun was just beginning to cut over the hill when the three cars collided. Witnesses say it was the worst accident they had ever seen. The local paper ran stories about it for a week but never mention the five people involved. I never saw the scene but like many I had a vivid picture of it running in my head like someone was holding a fisher price slide viewers up to my eyes. Speculation began to spread like wild fire thru school and town. Everyone was talking about the "crash" and about the rumor that someone survived the crash. I overheard a woman in the Sunny Mart say," I drove by that accident and I tell you no one could have survived... if someone did they had to make somekind of deal with..well with someone." Only a handful of people saw Christopher that morning, a few cops, myself and Mae's crew. Of all the people in the world why did it have to be Mae.

I study the flashing slides and hover over every detail until I feel a little ill. I see the twisted metal shine in the golden morning light. Everything is quiet and I think if I stay still enough I will be able to imagine where Christopher climbed from the wreckage. The wheels from the car are still slightly moving, there is the faintest trail of white smoke and a trickle of black oil running down the pavement...where is he... what car...I hear a faint sound in the distance that starts quietly and then erupts into the period bell. Math class in five minutes with Mr.Evans. I guess you'll have to wait Christopher like I have to ...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Where 2?

I have been watching the rooftops. Watching the smoke rise from the different chimneys the different pipes. On the coldest days the smoke is much denser and looks like small clouds of cotton stretched from a spool. On warmer days the smoke is transparent and looks like water rolling over the surface of the sky. Where 2 now? What to do today?