Friday, February 6, 2009

Christopher: I wanted to tell you how this would be...

Christopher and I didn't get to speak a word before two cops drove up, handcuffed him and carted him away around the path to county rd d. I rubbed something between my thumb and finger as two detectives escorted me into the school. I noticed Mae with her small group was watching the show. Their eyes fixed on me just until I entered the side door when I know all their heads would be on pivots saying things, like oh my god, did you see Christopher.. Oh my did you see...honestly if I never saw Mae again honestly I would ...Anyway,
the cops set me down in the art room that had a large window overlooking the pond in the front of the school. One detective lowered the blinds as the other started in, "Ok look here, we are going to make this simple, I am sure your a little confu,.I cut in confused! Yes confused. What are you doing with Christopher? The cop is unamused.. Look! I ask the'll sit and answer or you'll follow him. FINE! I held my wrists together and pointed my palms toward his head. He seemed to look in my direction but his expression changed as he seemed to be interested in something other than my gesture. I turned my hands inward and saw what looked like a pink piece of bubble gum but was more..let's say spongy. He pulls out a walkie and called out,"Jim we're going to need you in here...Now!" He then sits back down and in a very even tone like he was trying to talk me off a ledge,"Look, let me tell you how this will be, Jim will come in here take what your holding in your hand and then I will ask the questions. He takes a small breath."Understand?" Inside I wanted to jump up and smack his condescending face but I just nodded stared down at my feet and wished Christopher would cast another shadow.

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