Friday, December 12, 2008

Something I Can't Explain.

Two years ago I was visiting the town where I grew up. It was over Halloween and we decided to go walking around my old block trick or treating with my two year old, my wife, my mom and sister. It was a typical Halloween evening. Vera, my daughter, was very shy and at each house needed to be told it was OK to approach the person with the candy. She stood as far as her arm could extend for candy and would quickly turn once she got the sweets. This happened at every house except the house where I grew up. Now, you might not believe this but when the owner opened the door at my old house Vera walked straight passed him into the living room and began looking around. Now I never told here I used to live in this house as far as she knew it was like any other of the houses we visited that night. I just can't explain what happen. So gave the owner a little smile and said she must know somehow I used to live here..and apologized and stepped into retrieve Vera. The owner just smiled waiting for my to grab my child. For the rest of the night Vera went back to her shy self staying far back from the house doors.