Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Drew Mint

One simple May morning about two years ago I met Drew Mint. We were on the 10 bus headed for downtown. There were about 15 people randomly seated throughout with Drew seated directly across from me in the back of the bus. Drew was one of the people that blend into crowds. The plain simple person that is always around but if you don't take the time to look you would most likely overlook him. I was listening to a podcast and trying to avoid eye contact with everyone but there was something particularly unsettling about this man seated across from me. I think it was that this man wasn't avoiding eye contact but looking directly at me. Not knowing the proper way to handle the situation I took off my headphones and said, I am sorry did you say something...knowing that he didn't say a word but the alternative was to say something like can I help you which ..I didn't so I just said ," did you say something?" and without a moments hesitation Drew gave a little smile and said Hi, I am Drew Mint, no relation to J.D. Mint from the Arkansas Travelers. I again didn't know what to say but, oh .. "hi".. Then with another little smile he said you know after today I will never see you again. What do you say to that? So, I asked if he was going anywhere? Without a word Drew pulled the cord to get off at the next stop. I watched him walk off the bus and cross the street to the other side of Lowry. I watched him walk down 18th street as long as I could before the bus pulled away. That was the last time I saw Drew Mint.

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